I tell people all the time, I really do have the best job because I meet some of the most amazing people.  I feel really lucky.  However, sometimes you come across people that are SO nice that you think to yourself...are these people for real?  How can you be this awesome ALL THE TIME?  Well, Melissa, Greg and their ENTIRE family are those kinds of people.  Melissa fell in love with our pebble paper invitations (can't blame her) and, of course, our gold foil printing (once again, can't blame her); however, doing absolutely everything in gold foil printing did go slightly over her budget.  So, what did we do?  We did what we do best...we worked with her to get a little creative on the invitation pieces and printing to still give her what she wanted but not lose the overall concept and feel of the original invitation.  First, we decided to do the response envelope in the light lavender to match the backing of the invitation and digitally printed the response envelope address instead of gold foil printing it.  Second, we made a smaller details information card to direct people to her website for hotel accommodations and other information versus printing a large card with all of the text and information in it.  Everything with foil printing is based on the size of the piece because the larger the piece, the more expensive the plate is, and the more paper you will need to get it done.  By reducing the size, we reduced the cost dramatically because the plate wasnt as much and we didn't need as much paper.  Lastly, we digitally printed the return addresses and guest addresses on the outer envelope for her versus doing those gold foil and having a calligrapher do the addressing.  And, voila!  Happy wife, happy life!  Its a good way to start! Eberle Invitations-3290043 Eberle Invitations-3290046 Eberle Invitations-3290047 Eberle Invitations-3290049 Eberle Invitations-3290051 Eberle Invitations-3290054