I know, I know...it is really early to start thinking about the holidays but I figured since I have officially received my 4TH catalogue with holiday decor in it I had the "approval" to post the newest set of custom holiday designs for 2010. We have many more designs available, but here are some of my favorites. If you are interested in having us design a holiday card for you please act early! We would love to design something truly special for you this year. Or, if you are one of those families that would prefer something more basic we can either design that for you, or you can visit our other site where we carry many designs for your traditional holiday photo cards: http://eberleinvitations.myspstore.com/ We look forward to hearing from you!!! Happy holidays :). Yoshizawa-Holiday10112010151913Torbenson-Holiday09162010140038[1]Thurston-Holiday10112010145549Smith-Holiday10042010160647[1]Scott-Holiday10042010160600[1]Peterson-Holiday10042010160514[1]McFadden-Holiday10112010144758Leeny-Holiday10112010152938Kline-Holiday10112010141146Kensington-Holiday10112010141506Jonas-Holiday10112010143427Harvey-Holiday10112010151401[1]Hammel-Holiday09162010140601[1]Gutierrez-Holiday09212009164839[1]Bishop-Holiday09162010141005[2]Andrews-Holiday07022009113326[1]Amezcua-Holiday10112010154007