Classic and Traditional

November 6th, 2012

Although a lot of what you see on my website are the colorful, creative and funky designs we still do a LOT of traditional and classic wedding invitations.  Traditional designs allow for a lot of customization with fonts, color, printing method, and style.  All of the designs in these photos were printed digitally, making them super affordable.    Most of the brides interested in a very traditional look or design for her invitation are interested in engraving or letterpress print, but not all of them can afford the price tags associated so for those brides either digital printing or thermography are your best bets.

Back to Tradition

September 30th, 2010

So many brides come to me wanting something colorful and bold, and I believe the reason for that is because most of the photos on my website show more of this theme. However, I create many invitations that are either very traditional or traditional with a little flair so I wanted to create a posting dedicated to this idea. Living in the South you learn to really appreciate the elegance and grace of a traditional wedding.