Heather and Andrew – October 2016 Wedding

April 27th, 2018

Not only do I love this simple yet gorgeous invitation, but I love the photos of the suite together!  All in one photo you have the two-sided save the date, the gold foil invitation, the gold foil folded thank you notes, the table number, and last but not least, the absolutely adorable little folded wedding program complete with a tiny little ribbon.

{Gorgeous photography and styling by Jill Doty Photography}

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Emily and Andrew – July 2017 Wedding

December 16th, 2017

We certainly know how to execute on the classic and traditional wedding invitation, and that pebble embossed handmade paper is certainly one of our most popular materials to use.  These photos by Anna and Spencer Photography really show how wonderful all of their stationery turned out.


July-15-2017_212430 July-15-2017_185620 July-15-2017_181329 July-15-2017_175219 July-15-2017_172625 July-15-2017_164434

Allison and Matt – March 2017 Charleston Wedding

December 15th, 2017

This family was such a delight to work with, and it was such a delight to design their invitations as well.  As I am sure you can see by these beautiful photos Dana Cubbage Photography took of her invitations and other pieces we designed and printed for them.

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2017

Sharyn and David – April 201 6 Wedding

July 7th, 2016

We have been working on a lot of traditional style invitations lately so when I met with Sharyn I was super excited to get out of that box for a bit and do something modern and fun.

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Borrowed & Blue Atlanta – Jennifer and Shahin – Gorgeous St. Regis Atlanta Wedding

July 6th, 2016

I loved working with this couple.  They were lovely and Jennifer was so easy to work with.  Not to mention, the entire family was lovely to work with.  Therefore, I was totally not surprised that Borrowed and Blue picked up these gorgeous photos of this stunning St. Regis Atlanta wedding from Anna and Spencer Photography and featured them on their site!


September 27, 2014_102319 September 27, 2014_102349 September 27, 2014_162947 September 27, 2014_163010 September 27, 2014_171325 September 27, 2014_174235 September 27, 2014_174436 September 27, 2014_174616 September 27, 2014_174730


Lorraine and Will – A Real UGA Wedding

July 2nd, 2016

Lorraine found me just searching the internet and, turns out, she lived literally walking distance from my studio/home!  How cool is that?  It gets even COOLER when I find out that she is getting married at my alma mater, University of Georgia, AND she is having a black, white and RED themed wedding.  I mean, of course she is…right?  Love these photos she shared with me from her photographer at the wedding.



Nancy and Adam – Blush, gold and ivory

July 1st, 2016

What a sweet couple…as you can see from all of the amazing photos my client sent me (courtesy of Robin Gerrard of Robin Gerrard Photography).  I just LOVE when clients send me photos from the wedding.  I think the photos say it all!  {The outer envelopes and response envelope were not pictured here but they were metallic blush for the response envelope and ivory with a blush envelope liner for the outer envelope}.

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Morgan and Stewart – Blush, Gold, Soft White…gorgeous!

June 27th, 2016

Morgan and her lovely mother contacted me to create a wedding invitation that fit Morgan and her overall vision for her wedding perfectly.  Well, she came to the right place!  Morgan’s wedding colors were one that we are very accustom to…blush, gold, ivory/soft white.  She wanted something traditional but not, vintage but not too vintage and fell in love with an envelope liner she saw and wanted to try to come up with something similar.  Well, we came up with something more than similar…we found the paper itself that she loved and were able to recreate the envelope liner to fit her invitation perfectly.  So, in the end, we created a clean, classy, yet not too overly traditional or vintage invitation with the perfect envelope liner that met all her needs!

 The Wedding Invitations

Eberle Blog-4130179 Eberle Blog-4130182 Eberle Blog-4130183 Eberle Blog-4130185

Wedding Invitations and Wedding Day Stationery

We always love when our clients send us photos of their stationery at the actual event.  Check out these awesome ones by Morgan and Stewart’s wedding photographer, Justen Clay.

morgan&stewart-1011 morgan&stewart-3000 morgan&stewart-6008 morgan&stewart-6023

April and Matt – Winery Wedding

April 3rd, 2016

We love it when the groom’s get involved in the wedding invitation design process, because not only do many of them love to be included (even though they may tell you they don’t care) there are lots of them that have really incredible ideas!  This was the case with this couple.  April had the most gorgeous venue (Chateau Elan) and color choices all picked out that was the most perfect fit for her wedding destination, and Matt had his mind completely made up as to what papers he wanted to use and the formality he wanted for the invite.  It was a match made in heaven for a stationer.

The Wedding Invitation

The main invitation was double thick stock and both the invite and the response card were edge painted in a stunning dark burgundy/wine color.  All of the pieces were gold engraved, and the finishing touch was the calligraphy script and custom monogram designed by Allison R. Banks Designs.  I have to admit, my favorite parts are the gold engraved printing on the burgundy belly band and the burgundy response envelope.  SO PRETTY!

Eberle Invitations-3290065 Eberle Invitations-3290067 Eberle Invitations-3290069 Eberle Invitations-3290074

The Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

The groom’s mother contacted me and wanted to do something complimentary to the wedding invitation but not the exact seem.  So, we kept it in the same color theme and used the same monogram, but simply digitally printed the invitation and used slightly different (non-custom calligraphy) fonts.

Eberle Invitations-3290086

The Other Wedding Stationery

When you have a stunning monogram and really awesome colors to work with, it makes the other pieces very easy.  The programs were digitally printed, double-sided, with a gorgeous metallic dark gold stock in the center.  Then, we letterpress printed the menus and her thank you note stationery.  All with their 3 initial monogram to cap off the perfect suite for a perfect couple.

Eberle Invitations-3290077 Eberle Invitations-3290079 Eberle Invitations-3290081 Eberle Invitations-3290090