Layla and Corey – June 12, 2010

December 3rd, 2010

What a wedding! It is always so fun to do designs with your friends, and I was lucky enough to work with one of the most amazing people I know. Layla and I have known each other for many, many years (not going to date myself with the number…not to mention Layla would kill me if I did), and I am so lucky to call her my friend. When I first saw Layla and Corey together I knew that was IT! So, when the ring came…we all weren’t too surprised. Layla and Corey had such a beautiful wedding, and I am so glad that I am able to share some photos with you.

The event photography was done by nadia d. photography and the invitation photos were taken by James Paul Photography.

Back to Tradition

September 30th, 2010

So many brides come to me wanting something colorful and bold, and I believe the reason for that is because most of the photos on my website show more of this theme. However, I create many invitations that are either very traditional or traditional with a little flair so I wanted to create a posting dedicated to this idea. Living in the South you learn to really appreciate the elegance and grace of a traditional wedding.

Kila and Jason – Glitz and Glamour

September 27th, 2010

Where do I start? This invitation represents elegance and class like no other. The detail with the swarovski crystals and the gorgeous lace just made it the perfect first impression for Kila and Jason’s wedding. Kila was such an amazing person to work with and really put so much effort and time into making sure her wedding came out just as she wanted. I have seen a few pictures already and from what I have seen, it ended up looking just the way I thought it would…perfect. Photos of invitations taken by James Paul Photography.