Nikky Williamson’s High School Graduation: Concert Poster

April 30th, 2016

Never a dull moment here at Eberle Invitations, and I would not have it any other way.  Just when you thought we only did wedding invitations…think AGAIN!

Nikky’s mom was referred to me by a previous client whom I designed their wedding invitations to look like the old “Hatch Show” posters.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, go google it.  The idea and concept behind the original designs and the printing are so unique.  Worth a read.

Anywayssss, Nicky loves to play music and is in a band so recreating something like the original Hatch poster for my other client was perfect for Nicky’s graduation party.  To top it all off, Nicky was going to perform at his party, so it was certainly a perfect invitation for this event.  These were printed on 11×17 inch semi-gloss poster paper and then mailed in tubes to the guests.

{Pardon the blur in the photos, that was on purpose to protect my client’s address}Eberle Blog--2 Eberle Blog-


Huffington Post Article: “Putting Your Stamp On It: Elements of YOU on Your Wedding Day”

April 30th, 2016

I met with a wonderful woman, Kristen Rocco of Love Notery, back in October of 2015 (yes, it has taken me this long to get to my blog to write about it…dont judge) because she was writing an article for the Huffington Post on unique ways to bring in personal elements of the Bride and Groom on their wedding day.  In addition to that, she was just launching her business and wanted to network with some people in the industry to pick their brains a bit.  OF COURSE, I was willing to meet with her.  I promised myself years ago when I started this business that I will always make it a point to go out of my way to help others start their own businesses.  Kristen is a writer by trade, so she started this business writing couple’s love stories.  I think the idea is GENIUS, but I think it best that you check her out for yourself:

Also dont forget to check out the awesome article here:

Alyse and Alex – Dusty Blue and Gold

April 30th, 2016

This is one of my favorite color combinations this year so far!  With the help of Allison Banks, whom I work with quite frequently to custom illustrate the monogram, we were able to design this invitation suite with custom monogram within TWO WEEKS of our initial meeting.  The MOB and the bride were both really concerned that the Dusty Blue color would potentially look too gray once printed but after the invitation was all done they were very pleasantly surprised.  It was the perfect color combination for a perfect Spring wedding.  {Outer envelope set was also done by Allison Banks and the ink was custom mixed to match the Dusty Blue color.}

Please also check out some of the photos from Jill Doty Photography here (photographers photos of my work are always so much better than my photos…lol):

Eberle Blog-4130171 Eberle Blog-4130174 Eberle Blog-4140023 Eberle Blog-4140025 Eberle Blog-4140028

Meaghan and Patrick – Taupe and Gold

April 26th, 2016

Meaghan and Patrick were a delightful couple.  They wanted an invitation that was not only timeless and elegant, but really set the tone for a spectacular event.  Her colors were a soft white, taupe and gold so we went with this exact color theme for the invitations.  I honestly could not possibly be more pleased with how these turned out.  The invitation has the stunning pebble paper, dark taupe letterpress with gold foil, and a custom designed monogram (by Allison R. Banks Designs).  One of my favorite parts was the gold foil address printed on the textured taupe response envelope.  Im sure you will agree!

Eberle Blog-4130187

Eberle Blog-4130191 Eberle Blog-4130188

Eberle Blog-4130200Eberle Blog-4130193

Jameelah and Luther – The Great Gatsby

April 26th, 2016

2015 was the year of “The Great Gatsby” themed weddings, and we had our fair share of designs created during the course of the year.  However, Jameelah and Luther’s was one of my favorite because of its simplistic style that executed on the overall era perfectly.  That theme can get really overdone, and I think this had just the right amount of style to represent their event perfectly.  And to top it off, it was all digitally printed in black ink so it was also very budget-friendly!

Eberle Blog-4130142 Eberle Blog-4130141 Eberle Blog-4130138

Katie and Will – Silver Pebble, Silver Foil, Silver Everything!

April 26th, 2016

I actually worked with the mother-of-the-bride throughout this entire process, and she was a true delight to work with.  Its ALWAYS fun to work with a client that tells you “I love stationery and I want these to be fabulous since it will set the tone for the entire weekend’s events.”  YES!  The original inspiration was just something unique for the design without too much else to work with.  So, I do what I always do, and start asking questions about the event and the bride’s favorite parts of the planning process so far.  Her mother told me, “Oh, by far, the dress.  She is obsessed with her dress.”  So, here it is and we used this as the inspiration for the invitations.  I think they turned out pretty “fabulous.”

Katie Wedding Dress back 074

Save the Dates

The save the dates were what starts it all, and these were done relatively (a really nice way of saying VERY) quickly.  Digitally printed with the same silver metallic stock as the middle layer as was used on the invitation.

Eberle Blog-4140057

The Wedding Invitations

These stunners were silver foil printed for all of the pieces on a smooth/semi-gloss white cardstock and mounted to a light silver pocketfold with the gorgeous pebble embossed paper and dark graphite stock accent.  I really cant get enough of that pebble paper, and its obvious my clients cant either!

Eberle Blog-4140053 Eberle Blog-4140046 Eberle Blog-4140043 Eberle Blog-4140041 Eberle Blog-4140039

Jessica and Tayven – Blush and Gold Wedding

April 6th, 2016

Blush and gold were all the rage in 2015, and the trend even continues strongly into 2016.  So, to answer Jessica’s original question when we first chatted of “Our colors are blush and gold…have you done something with those colors before?”  The answer was a resounding “yes” and we had so many samples to show her.  She decided to go with a stunning dark gold letterpress printed invitation set with a soft champagne and blush backing and custom champagne glitter belly band with two color letterpress tag and custom monogram.  These turned out so incredibly pretty.

Eberle Invitations-3290097 Eberle Invitations-3290099 Eberle Invitations-3290095

She even had her photographer take some photos of the stationery at the wedding!

{Photos compliments of Jacqui Cole Photography}

FilmHike-4 HikeWedding-292 HikeWedding-574

April and Matt – Winery Wedding

April 3rd, 2016

We love it when the groom’s get involved in the wedding invitation design process, because not only do many of them love to be included (even though they may tell you they don’t care) there are lots of them that have really incredible ideas!  This was the case with this couple.  April had the most gorgeous venue (Chateau Elan) and color choices all picked out that was the most perfect fit for her wedding destination, and Matt had his mind completely made up as to what papers he wanted to use and the formality he wanted for the invite.  It was a match made in heaven for a stationer.

The Wedding Invitation

The main invitation was double thick stock and both the invite and the response card were edge painted in a stunning dark burgundy/wine color.  All of the pieces were gold engraved, and the finishing touch was the calligraphy script and custom monogram designed by Allison R. Banks Designs.  I have to admit, my favorite parts are the gold engraved printing on the burgundy belly band and the burgundy response envelope.  SO PRETTY!

Eberle Invitations-3290065 Eberle Invitations-3290067 Eberle Invitations-3290069 Eberle Invitations-3290074

The Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

The groom’s mother contacted me and wanted to do something complimentary to the wedding invitation but not the exact seem.  So, we kept it in the same color theme and used the same monogram, but simply digitally printed the invitation and used slightly different (non-custom calligraphy) fonts.

Eberle Invitations-3290086

The Other Wedding Stationery

When you have a stunning monogram and really awesome colors to work with, it makes the other pieces very easy.  The programs were digitally printed, double-sided, with a gorgeous metallic dark gold stock in the center.  Then, we letterpress printed the menus and her thank you note stationery.  All with their 3 initial monogram to cap off the perfect suite for a perfect couple.

Eberle Invitations-3290077 Eberle Invitations-3290079 Eberle Invitations-3290081 Eberle Invitations-3290090


Melissa and Greg – Gold Foil, Pebble Paper, and all the other “fixin’s”

April 2nd, 2016

I tell people all the time, I really do have the best job because I meet some of the most amazing people.  I feel really lucky.  However, sometimes you come across people that are SO nice that you think to yourself…are these people for real?  How can you be this awesome ALL THE TIME?  Well, Melissa, Greg and their ENTIRE family are those kinds of people.  Melissa fell in love with our pebble paper invitations (can’t blame her) and, of course, our gold foil printing (once again, can’t blame her); however, doing absolutely everything in gold foil printing did go slightly over her budget.  So, what did we do?  We did what we do best…we worked with her to get a little creative on the invitation pieces and printing to still give her what she wanted but not lose the overall concept and feel of the original invitation.  First, we decided to do the response envelope in the light lavender to match the backing of the invitation and digitally printed the response envelope address instead of gold foil printing it.  Second, we made a smaller details information card to direct people to her website for hotel accommodations and other information versus printing a large card with all of the text and information in it.  Everything with foil printing is based on the size of the piece because the larger the piece, the more expensive the plate is, and the more paper you will need to get it done.  By reducing the size, we reduced the cost dramatically because the plate wasnt as much and we didn’t need as much paper.  Lastly, we digitally printed the return addresses and guest addresses on the outer envelope for her versus doing those gold foil and having a calligrapher do the addressing.  And, voila!  Happy wife, happy life!  Its a good way to start!

Eberle Invitations-3290043 Eberle Invitations-3290046 Eberle Invitations-3290047 Eberle Invitations-3290049 Eberle Invitations-3290051 Eberle Invitations-3290054

Meredith and Wesley – Monogram and Atlanta Skyline Save the Date

March 31st, 2016

These two came to me wanting something super special and unique for their save the date.  They had a custom monogram created in advance to working with me and the bride really wanted the save the date to represent the two of them coming together in marriage.  On top of that, she wanted to have a subtle Atlanta theme so instead of doing anything too Atlanta themed on the piece itself I suggested we do a photo of the Atlanta skyline for the envelope liner and she LOVED the idea. The pieces for the monogram (the separate initials on the outside and the initials joined on the inside) were all letterpress printed so that they stood out more amongst the other text.  Super cool, super unique and something we can certainly recreate for any client getting married in any city!

Eberle Invitations-3290064 Eberle Invitations-3290062 Eberle Invitations-3290057