Borrowed & Blue Atlanta – Jennifer and Shahin – Gorgeous St. Regis Atlanta Wedding

July 6th, 2016

I loved working with this couple.  They were lovely and Jennifer was so easy to work with.  Not to mention, the entire family was lovely to work with.  Therefore, I was totally not surprised that Borrowed and Blue picked up these gorgeous photos of this stunning St. Regis Atlanta wedding from Anna and Spencer Photography and featured them on their site!

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Lorraine and Will – A Real UGA Wedding

July 2nd, 2016

Lorraine found me just searching the internet and, turns out, she lived literally walking distance from my studio/home!  How cool is that?  It gets even COOLER when I find out that she is getting married at my alma mater, University of Georgia, AND she is having a black, white and RED themed wedding.  I mean, of course she is…right?  Love these photos she shared with me from her photographer at the wedding.



Post-Wedding Rehearsal Campfire Invitation

July 2nd, 2016

I got a call a few months ago from a frantic bridesmaid trying to find the perfect invitation for a party her and the other bridal party members were throwing for the bride and groom.  How fun is this….they were throwing a post-wedding rehearsal campfire party complete with booze, dancing, and S’MORES in the MOUNTAINS???!!!  I mean, can I go?  These are the kind of invitations that get me super excited.  They were printed on a bright white double thick stock (240#) with the main invitation on the front and a custom event-themed monogram for the back.

Eberle Blog-5060020Eberle Blog-5060022

Nancy and Adam – Blush, gold and ivory

July 1st, 2016

What a sweet couple…as you can see from all of the amazing photos my client sent me (courtesy of Robin Gerrard of Robin Gerrard Photography).  I just LOVE when clients send me photos from the wedding.  I think the photos say it all!  {The outer envelopes and response envelope were not pictured here but they were metallic blush for the response envelope and ivory with a blush envelope liner for the outer envelope}.

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Morgan and Stewart – Blush, Gold, Soft White…gorgeous!

June 27th, 2016

Morgan and her lovely mother contacted me to create a wedding invitation that fit Morgan and her overall vision for her wedding perfectly.  Well, she came to the right place!  Morgan’s wedding colors were one that we are very accustom to…blush, gold, ivory/soft white.  She wanted something traditional but not, vintage but not too vintage and fell in love with an envelope liner she saw and wanted to try to come up with something similar.  Well, we came up with something more than similar…we found the paper itself that she loved and were able to recreate the envelope liner to fit her invitation perfectly.  So, in the end, we created a clean, classy, yet not too overly traditional or vintage invitation with the perfect envelope liner that met all her needs!

 The Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Invitations and Wedding Day Stationery

We always love when our clients send us photos of their stationery at the actual event.  Check out these awesome ones by Morgan and Stewart’s wedding photographer, Justen Clay.

morgan&stewart-1011 morgan&stewart-3000 morgan&stewart-6008 morgan&stewart-6023

Gail and Kim – Purple and Blue Floral Wedding Invitations

May 5th, 2016

Gail and Kim were referred to me by the amazing wedding planning team, Carrie Belle Events.  And what an amazing couple these two were!  They came in with a very specific idea in mind, but it wasn’t until we started the design process that they decided they wanted something totally different.  But, no problems there, it only took 2 more proofs and BAM we found the perfect one to represent these two awesome people.

Eberle Blog-4140072 Eberle Blog-4140075 Eberle Blog-4140077 Eberle Blog-4140078

Max Bittner – Bar Mitzvah

May 4th, 2016

Max’s mother, Alisa, wanted something fun yet not overdone for Max’s Bar Mitzvah Invitation.  This style of invite is all the rage right now with how it fills the space and there is not too much “white” space (or in this example gray space) on the page.  Creative, yet simple.  Perfect.

Eberle Invitations-3290093

Andrea and Thomas – Classic Ivory and Gold Invitation

May 4th, 2016

These clients fell in love with an invitation that I had done previously (the ever-popular Dara and RJ design) but there were a few things with that design that came in over their stationery budget.  So we did what we do best, and we improvised a little by changing the papers slightly, doing a computer text monogram versus a custom calligrapher monogram, and changing the printing to a dark gold thermography print versus gold foil.  Not only did it come in perfectly with their budget but the look was spectacular.  Praises all around!

Eberle Blog-4140060 Eberle Blog-4140065 Eberle Blog-4140067

Caroline and Ben – The Perfect Gold and Ivory Invitation

May 4th, 2016

Caroline and her mother came to me wanting the perfect gold and ivory (really, soft white but Im picky on colors) invitation.  She wanted something classic, clean with a bit of whimsy.  So, we chose a gorgeous letterpress paper in the perfect color with a gold foil print and gold response envelope to add the touch of color she was looking for.  Then, to top it off, we designed it using a font that was a little more fun than super traditional.  Im sure you will agree that this invitation met all of their needs!

Eberle Blog-4140030 Eberle Blog-4140032 Eberle Blog-4140033

And, the best part of the post…I even received some stunning photos of the wedding stationery from her amazing photographer, Haley Sheffield!  {The cute watercolor map designed by Natty Michelle Paperie.}

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2015 | Haley Sheffield |

Sarah and Wes – Champagne and Rose Gold

May 2nd, 2016

Sarah was a super sweet girl from Tennessee who had just happened upon my website while searching for invitations.  Being that she was in Tennessee and I’m here in Atlanta, I sent her paper samples and invitation samples in the mail to help us narrow down what she wanted for her invitations, and came up with this stunning champagne, taupe, blush, and rose gold letterpress and foil printed invitation set complete with a rose gold edge paint and custom monogram by Allison Banks.  I especially love the rose gold foil address on the blush response envelopes!  These invitation certainly exceeded Sarah’s expectations, and I can certainly see why!

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